Rules of complaint

  1. Buyer is obliged to immediately check delivered products and inform seller about potential defects within five days.
  2. Notice of discovered defects has to be in writing (email) within five days after acceptance. Discovered defects have to be stated in this notice, and have to be described. How these defects manifest themselves has to be described as well. Written notice is sent to seller’s address.
  3. A copy of product invoice has to be attached to the complaint.
  4. Seller is not liable for damages from operation of the product, functional qualities, damages from unskilled handling of the product, and damages from defective manipulation likewise. Provided guarantee does not apply to such damages either.
  5. Seller is obliged to inform buyer about complaint handling within three days after complaint receiving.
  6. Inform us about complaint via email, via phone 475207155 (11 AM – 18 PM), 736760921 (9 AM – 19 PM) immediately after posting the complaint. 


Rights and obligations of seller

  1. Seller is obliged to deal with order and post ordered products to address stated in this order within five days after receiving of the order, unless arranged otherwise. In case of paying beforehand to seller’s account, within five days after receiving of the payment. If the prodructs cannot be dispatched within this period, seller informs buyer about this by email stated in the order. Seller reserves right to deny orders which include uncomplete information or which cast doubts about buyer’s intention to order products. This decision is sent to buyer’s email.
  2. In case buyer makes a claim to return products (sales contract withdrawal) according to law No. 367/2000, seller returns the sum of money paid by buyer within 28 days after receiving the returned products. Seller does not return money for postage and package charges.
  3. Seller is obliged not to provide buyer’s personal data to third parties. If requested by buyer, seller has to delete all information from database of buyers – except for information which is needed for accounting and tax records, which is legally required.


Rights and obligations of buyer

  1. Buyer is obliged to accept ordered and delivered products and pay the whole price for ordered products and potential further charges (postage, package, COD) stated in the order. If buyer does not collect the parcel, seller will enforce expenses regarding this order off buyer!
  2. Buyer has to state all the details accurately and rightly in the order.
  3. Based on the law No. 367/2000, buyer has the right to withdraw from sales contract without stating reason within 14 days after parcel delivery.
  4. Buyer thus makes a claim to have the paid money returned.
  5. Returned products must not be damaged or depreciated.
  6. DVDs cannot be returned!


Money-back guarantee

  • In case you find out that received products does not suit you from whatever reasons, you can return it without stating your reasons and your money will be immediately returned to you via bank transfer.


Conditions for money-return

  • Products have to be absolutely undamaged, with original price tag, in original wrapping, well packed, capable of further selling.
  • Buyer has to send the parcel within 14 days after its delivery.
  • The parcel has to include original invoice (copy) of SWIS BOARD SHOP and a returned products form.


Send complaints through regular parcel delivery, COD will not be accepted!!!

Send complaint to: SWIS BOARD spol. s.r.o., Masarykova 2312/65, Ústí nad Labem 400 01. 

Special request

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  • Vans Spicoli 4 matte black/silver mirror  
  • Burton Cable Lock translucent black  

    Burton Cable Lock translucent black

    Burton Cable Lock translucent black A stolen ride is every rider’s nightmare. Prevent that crushing theft with a simple, pocket-friendly cable lock. The steel cable provides security during lunch, bathroom or apres breaks, while a customizable three number combo keeps the code private but not too complex. Updated Design for Snag-Free Function NEW Pocket-Friendly Ergonomic Shape Compact 30" [76cm] Steel Cable Lock. Three-Number Combination.

    11,41 €
  • Rip Curl Hesperia Big tan  

    Rip Curl Hesperia Big tan

    38,67 €
  • RVCA Reno heather grey  

    RVCA Reno heather grey

    22,19 €



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