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Children's snowboard set Burton After School Special + Burton Mini-Grom boots

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A board that will make your little ones start snowboarding. The board forgives a lot of mistakes and has a playful personality. Head up the slope with your little ones and show them the magic of this amazing sport.

Flat Top bending - the flat profile between the bindings ensures stability, better balance and control when turning and edging. The curvature in the nose and tail will give you a feeling of lightness and dexterity without jamming.
Shape and Flex Twin and Twin
The core of FSC certified dřevěnné Fly Core
Extruded base with biax lamination
Super Sap Epoxy - a resin based on natural ingredients that is more environmentally friendly

Children's snowboard boots Burton Mini-Grom
The smallest snowboard boots on the market designed for children who are just discovering snowboarding. Even your little squirrel needs quality equipment so that he can enjoy the ride to the fullest. With the Room-to-Grow function, you can expand the shoe by one full size and be one step ahead in the growth of your branches. Their DynoLite sole ensures better balance, grip and comfort, while Thinsulate insulation makes their children easy to confuse with household slippers. A wide velcro cuff is used for fastening.

Lace Dualzone Shred Ready Hook-and-Loop Closure Straps - fastener system only Velcro intended for children. So simple they can handle it on their own.
Insole / Liner-Less Liner-Less - the shoe does not contain an inner shoe for easier putting on and taking off the youngest children
3M Thinsulate Insulation - insulation that provides warmth even when the shoe is wet
Damping DynoLite Outsole with Size Indicator - reducing the weight by 20% DynoLite outsole offers great cushioning, better boardfeel and consistent support. This exclusive design has been made from a flexible compound specially shaped to withstand repeated shocks and freezing temperatures.
Flexe and response Snow-Proof Internal Gusset - the tongue of the shoe is enhanced by an inner cuff that secures the bottom of the shoe and keeps it dry and warm.
Room-To-Grow - a special, double insole that allows you to wear shoes for a long time. Simply, when the foot grows up, remove the upper insole and suddenly the shoes are a number larger. The second, integrated insole guarantees constant support and cushioning.
Comfort Soft Flexing Outsole and Upper Shell Materials - soft flexible sole and upper

80 90 100
Rider weight (kg) 11-23 11-23 18-25
Contact edge (cm) 44 54 64.5
Tip width (cm) 19.47 19.95 21.26
Center width (cm) 17.8 17.9 18.8
Heel width (cm) 19.47 19.95 21.26
Cutting (m) 2.9 3.6 4.2
Medium posture width (cm) 30.5 33 35.5
Set back (mm) 0 0 0

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