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BURTON CHOPER children's snowboard

The most popular children's snowboard, which will support children in learning all the basics of snb riding. The Burton Chopper board has the largest plural flex, so that even the lightest riders can easily control curves and stops. The board is very stable and thanks to the Flat Top Easy Bevel technology it is difficult to bite the edge.

Level : Beginner

Bending : Flat Top ™ - hybrid; flat profile between the binding and the rocker from the binding to the toe and heel. This means stability and better balance when riding on the entire surface of the snowboard, as well as a low probability of biting the edge.

Destination : All Mountain

Specifications :

Core: FSC ™ Certified Super Fly II ™ 900G - the core of two types of wood - hard and soft - reduces the total weight while ensuring great pop

Flex: Twin - a symmetrical construction with balanced and even properties over the entire surface of the board

Shape: Twin - perfectly symmetrical shape of the board, thanks to which you can enjoy both regular and switch; jib, flights and fast driving with greater balance and stability 

Base: Extruded Base - base requiring minimal maintenance

Lamination: Biax ™ Fiberglass - lamination that increases torsional flex gives the rider a good feeling when jumping and in the park

Technology :

Super Sap® Epoxy - bio resin is used in the production, the processing of which is up to 50% more environmentally friendly

Easy Bevel - with this board it's almost impossible to bite your edge; the convex base lifting the edges from the snow and the super soft bend teaches the rider simply to balance

SNOWBOARD LENGTH 80 90 100 110 115 120 125 130
RIDER WEIGHT 11-23 kg 11-23 kg 18-25 kg 18-25 kg 23-36 kg 23-36 kg 32-45 kg 32-45 kg
WIDTH - SNOW CENTER 178mm 179mm 188mm 203mm 213mm 222mm 230mm 232mm
SET BACK 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
BINDING SIZE Grom XS Grom XS Grom XS / S Grom S Grom S Grom S Grom S

Material: Edge:100% STEEL;Base:100% POLYETHYLENE;Top Sheet:50% ABS, 50% THERMOPLASTIC POLYURETHANE;Core:

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