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Model: LEXA
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Women's snowboard bindings Burton LEXA

The Burton Lexa binding was created for more experienced and advanced riders. It draws on more than 40 years of experience in the production of bindings to provide you with the best boardfeel, response and comfort you deserve on a slope. It has a harder base and flex, but comfort remains thanks to the nylon / composite mixture, which absorbs impacts and creates comfort for your feet. In short, a binding that is not a sharpener, but will last with you several seasons of proper riding.

Single Component - one material on the entire base creates a consistent response and feel for all-terrain conditions.

30% Short-Glass / Nylon Composite Lightweight Re: Flex

Zero Lean Canted Hi-Back design - ergonomic design exactly copies the shape of the right and left foot for maximum comfort and control. Riders who prefer a relaxed and relaxed ride will love the Zero Forward Lean setting - but it is always possible to set the binding to a more action position for sharp carving and edging.

DialFLAD - the higher the Forward Lean angle on your backrest, the faster your heel turns. Rotate it forward for ice strikes on the ramp or return it for jibbing. Micro settings literally give you wings.

Heel Hammock - new, lighter and improved Heel Hammock for even better foot protection, great response and vibration reduction.

Living Hinge - This exclusive technology reduces the weight of the entire binding and allows you to adjust the Forward Lean settings and Hi-Back rotation independently of each other.

Straps Hammockstrap 2.0 - light strap with low profile and 3D curvature. Minimalist design, extremely sensitive 3D curvature, Triple Axis Spine and comfortable padding

Supergrip Capstrap 2.0 - 3D curved, minimized front strap with the possibility of fastening over the toe or instep. Less gluing, less stitching, PU free and yet extremely durable

Double Take Buckles - ratchets engage in oblique grooves, which results in greater speed and ease of use. Thanks to the improved Insta-Click technology, immediate connection is facilitated. Power, speed and ease of use have been significantly improved.

shoe size S: 34 - 36.5, M: 36.5 - 40, L: 40+

Material: Binding:100% POLYAMIDE

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