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F2 Axxis Combo 11 6x33x blue

Catalog number: 90378980
Model: Axxis Combo 11 6x33x
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F2 Axxis Combo 11 6x33x blue is an inflatable paddleboard from the F2 brand . All you have to do is pack up, throw your backpack on your back and head to the pond or river. Due to its size, shape and high displacement, this paddleboard is one of the universal floats. The load capacity of the float is up to 140 kg, but a maximum of 100 kg is ideal. The strength and stable round shape is ideal for beginners, guaranteeing a comfortable ride even for inexperienced riders. If you are looking for a lightweight paddleboard that will be ideal for travel, then this is a great choice. The main domain of this paddleboard is metal eyelets, so-called D-rings , for attaching a kayak seat. If you want to ride in a sitting position, this is the ideal partner for you.

So do not hesitate, order the float F2 Axxis Combo 11 6x33x blue and go to the pond!

Not sure yet? So take a look at a few reasons to choose this float.

We also definitely recommend reading our guide to choosing the right paddleboard at the link below.

This model has great stability thanks to a large tail and a wide deck of 84 cm. Likewise, its length and rigidity ensure good contact with water and high speed and stability at the same time. The single-layer construction is significant for paddleboards from the F2 brand , specifically Dropstitch technology to ensure greater rigidity of the paddleboard. Equally significant for F2 paddleboards is an internal spongy structure which, when inflated to the recommended pressure ( 15 PSI ), achieves high rigidity. The highest possible pressure after inflation is 18 PSI . However, such high units are not recommended. A removable fleece is a matter of course, as is a surface with a pleasant EVA tread . At the same time, you will find an elastic band in the front to attach it. On the sides you will also find metal eyelets, so-called D-rings , for attaching paddleboard accessories. In this case, mainly a kayak seat, which is part of the package.

We can't forget the biggest advantage of inflatable paddleboards, which is compactness . You can easily store a folded and compressed paddleboard in a car, locker or under a bed.

Board shapeTouring
Board length11' 6"/354 cm
Board width33" / 84cm
Thickness6" / 15cm
Volume400 L
Rider weight140 kg
Board weight9,0 kg
Recommended PSIMaximal 18 PSI / Recommended 15 PSI
Fin set up1 Center + 2 side
Paddle includedYes
Paddle at a reduced priceNo
D-Rings for kayak seatYes
Extra accessories includedLeash
SUP package includesPump
Opravná sada
Kayak seat

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