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Women's snowboard boots Gravity Aura Atop

The queen of comfort? Unambiguously Gravity Aura with Atop tightening system. The shoe is tightened by means of a winding steel cable, quick and easy tightening. The inner boot is equipped with a separate tightening for a precise fit and a warm fur. Aura boots go well with women's snowboards and Gravity bindings.

Rubber Outsole - durable rubber sole, contains reinforced panels for greater impact resistance and longer life.

3D Molded Tongue - anatomically shaped 3D tongue exactly copies the foot and thus guarantees all-day comfort.

Flexible Cuff - soft and flexible cuff guarantees flexibility and comfort.

Long Lasting Shell - the upper of the shoe is made of synthetic materials, which are resistant to abrasion and wear, guarantee a long life of the shoe.

Comfort Liner - comfortable inner liner with separate quick tightening.

New Stretch Link Design - a flexible panel between the top and bottom of the shoe in the ankle area allows natural bending of the foot.

Atop Closure System - quick, easy and effective tightening with a rotating wheel

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