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Gravity BOOT DRYER black

Catalog number: 89826225

Gravity Boot Dryer 220V

Gravity Boot Dryer is a practical dryer for all sports, work and social shoes. It consists of two heating elements that you simply put into your shoes, plug the dryer into electricity and your shoes will be completely dry in just a few hours. 220V version is designed for connection to standard sockets.

The dryer uses UV technology, which destroys bacteria and prevents odor. Thanks to the sophisticated shape of the heater with holes, it ensures perfect air circulation. The maximum temperature the dryer can reach is 56 ° C. The dryer is gentle on shoes and the drying time is about 4-5 hours depending on humidity. Safe operation ensures overheating protection. It consists of two heating elements with an output of 8 W, each measuring 16 × 6 × 3 cm. The power cord is 110 cm long.

The product meets all the necessary certifications.

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