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Catalog number: 89825297
Model: G2
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Men's snowboard binding Gravity G2

Long-term favorite model in our Gravity range is again ready to amaze you. The perfect combination of performance, comfort and great design. The G2 is unrivaled in its category.

G2 Baseplate - plastic base with sliding front power pedal and sliding heel. The front and rear power pedals are made of soft EVA material for reliable shock absorption.
Plastic Ratchets - Functional plastic ratchets with a precise step.
Comfort Strap - instep strap ensures comfortable ride and flexible movement.
Comfort Toe Strap - front strap that can be fastened like a classic top and over the toe.
G2 Men Highback - support foot designed to precisely follow the shape of the shoe, providing maximum riding support. The inside is fitted with an EVA lining for all-day comfort.
EVA Power Pedals - Power pedals placed on the tip and heel of the baseplate, make it easier to transfer power from the rider to the snowboard and increase control over the board. They are made of soft EVA material that perfectly absorbs impacts and reduces vibration while driving.

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