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Gravity THUNDER 4

Catalog number: 90053740
Model: THUNDER 4
272,97 € 355,78 €
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Women's snowboard set GRAVITY THUNDER with Gravity G2 bindings

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Women's snowboard Gravity Thunder

Women's model of a park board in CamRock bend, which combines the best of camber and rocker. Thunder with soft flex allows you to conquer boxes and rails very quickly. The biaxial laminate together with the wooden core ensures strength, durability and reduces the overall weight of the board.

Camrock Bend - Combines the best of camber and rocker in one. Cam-Rock relieves the pressure of the contact points on the toe and heel, allowing a freer ride like a rocker. Camber zones, which are situated under the binding, provide greater control when driving along the edge and a sufficiently large pop.

Twin-Tip - the essence of the shape of park boards. The same distance from the toe and heel will allow you to drive in both natural and opposite directions.

Poplar Woodcore - a traditional wooden poplar core gives snowboards rigidity while maintaining low weight

Biaxial lamination (0 ° / 90 °) - the most commonly used method of lamination gives the snowboard quality pop and light torsional flex. Thanks to this, the board turns easily and you will enjoy a lot of fun with it on the slopes and in the snow park.

Urethane Sidewall - 360 ° polyurethane sidewall protects the edge and side of the core from damage, better transfers energy from edge to edge and dampens vibrations better than traditional ABS sidewalls.

Micro Inserts - inserts are placed in a 4 × 2 cm position. Compared to conventional inserts (4 × 4 cm), they allow a more precise setting of the stance width.

Prewaxed Base - all our snowboards are factory-waxed and ready for immediate use.

142 145 148 151 154
Rider weight (kg) 45-65 50-70 50-70 55-75 60-80
Contact edge (cm) 102 104 108 111 114
Tip width (cm) 28.6 28.7 28.8 29.1 29.5
Center width (cm) 24.5 24.6 24.8 24.9 25.2
Heel width (cm) 28.6 28.7 28.8 29.1 29.5
Cutting (m) 6.7 6.9 6.9 7.1 7.4
Attitude range (cm) 46-54 46-54 49-57 49-57 49-57
Set back (mm) 0 0 0 0 0
Inserty 4 * 2/20 4 * 2/20 4 * 2/20 4 * 2/20 4 * 2/20
Hardness 3 3 3 3 3

Women's Gravity G2 Lady snowboard bindings

The popular and time-tested G2 Lady binding is suitable for riders of all levels. It is equipped with soft, comfortable straps, a classic fixation and a sprung baseplate to dampen vibrations. Quality bindings that will make you happy everywhere.


G2 Baseplate - plastic base with sliding front power pedal and sliding heel. The front and rear power pedals are made of soft EVA material for reliable suspension on impacts

Plastic ratchets - functional plastic ratchets with a precise step.

Flexible 3D Strap - instep strap used on G2 and G3 models, guarantees a comfortable ride and flexible movement.

Comfort Toe Strap - front strap that can be fastened both classically from above and over the toe of the shoe.

G2 Women Highback - support foot designed to accurately copy the shape of the shoe, provides maximum support while riding. The inner side is equipped with an EVA lining for all-day comfort.

EVA Dampening - soft EVA material perfectly dampens impacts and reduces vibrations while driving.

UK 5-8 8.5-9
EUR 38-42 42.5-43
US 7-10 10.5-11
CM 24-27 27.5-28

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