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Horsefeathers NOMAD gloss rose/mirror champagne

Catalog number: 89668887
Model: NOMAD

Horsefeathers Nomad Gloss Rose Sunglasses / Mirror Champagne are high quality hand made polarized lens goggles that protect your eyes from UV rays and maintain color fidelity. They have a modern design and improve contrasts. Specifications: Beadings: - high quality handmade glazed glasses - solid 5-eyed joints - metal core reinforced sides - bead shape with curvature 6 for easy grinding of eyeglass lenses Spectacle lenses: - high quality polarizing lenses - 1.1 mm thick - 100 % UV protection - protects against glare - improves contrasts - preserves color fidelity Dimensions: Outer diameter 50 mm, beam width 21 mm, side length 145 mm

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