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Men's snowboard K2 MANIFEST

Universal snowboard K2 Manifest Snowboard Manifest is a snowboard where you will feel at home in the field and in bumps, it is simply an All-Terrain machine. Directional Combination Camber Baseline ™ bend offers great maneuverability and float in powder, on hard surfaces the Triax ICG 20 Carbon Glass reinforcement with the new carbon layer Carbon DarkWeb pomůže will help.

The K2 Combination Camber arching technology combines two construction solutions, the classic Camber profile and the Rocker profile. This combination brings the advantages of both constructions, which in the case of the Camber arch are incredible accuracy and response on modified terrain, and in the case of the Rocker arch, predictability and trouble-free sailing on untreated surfaces. The BAP core of the snowboard combines three types of wood from renewable sources, the composition of which ultimately fundamentally affects the rigidity of the snowboard, perfect torsional behavior when cornering and significantly the resulting weight of the snowboard.

ICG 20 Biax Carbon Glas lamination technology consists of 20 unique carbon strips incorporated into the lamination, which stretch along the sides of the snowboard from toe to heel. Stiffer triaxial lamination with triple-woven glass fibers strengthens the snowboard in torsion and grip on the edge. Triaxial lamination gives the snowboard a stiffer flex and increases stability in the event of an arc or inaccurate impact in the snow park. Triaxial lamination is applied to the top and bottom layers and by this combination, together with the choice of wood in the core, the required stiffness of the snowboard is set, so that the boards combined in this way are characterized by a stiffer flex.

Carbon Darkweb reinforcing strips are located in the snowboard structure in the area of the binding inserts and extend in an X-shape to the edges of the snowboard, which increases the transfer of force to the edge, stability, fast transition to the edge when turning and control of the snowboard. Very fast and durable Sintered 4000 base with a reinforced layer for maximum durability with fast wax absorption and retention. Applied to snowboards of higher model lines thanks to its top properties.

Size (cm) 153 156 157W 159 160W 162 164W
effective edge (mm) 1170 1190 1190 1220 1220 1240 1270
nose width (mm) 290 294 303 297 307 300 312
center width (mm) 248 250 260 252 262 254 264
tail width (mm) 290 294 303 297 307 300 312
radius (m) 8.6 8.7 8.7 8.8 8.8 8.9 8.9

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