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LIB Technologies SKUNK APE

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Men's snowboard LIB TECH SKUNK APE HP C2

Your foot has grown to the size of a smaller ship and you can't get enough wide board ? The Lib Tech Skunk Ape snowboard will solve this problem for you! It's a wide snowboard , which is built from the ground up for proper guys with big feet. You can forget about scrubbing your shoes while driving in a curve because Skunk Ape is wide enough and for you. You already have to have some experience with snowboarding on this board, but it will reward you with riding characteristics that you will use in any terrain. Whether you ride in deep powder, in a snow park, or on a groomed slope, you will enjoy a lot of fun with the Skunk Ape board!

BEND C2 Profile - rocker between bindings to keep the edges in an arc and easier floating through the powder, camber zones under the binding to the contact points for greater stability, strength in bounces and better control. A well-balanced profile that can handle any mission in the mountains.
SHAPE Directional Twin - symmetrical shape with a slightly shifted setback to the heel for a balanced ride on both sides and easier to navigate through deep snow.
FLEX Skunk Ape has medium to rigid flex. On a scale from 1 (softest) to 10 (hardest), it has a value of 7.
Horsepower CORE [HP] Construction 60% Aspen / 40% Paulownia - a lighter, greener and smoother core that combines aspen and paulownia wood for a smooth ride in any terrain. The toe and foot are slightly tapered for easier rotation.
LAMINATION Tri-Ax / Bi-Ax with Basalt - solid lamination, which increases the force of reflection and supports the carv arc. The entire lamination is still reinforced with basalt.
SIDEWALLY UHMW - Soy-based elastomers laminated into five layers for maximum sidewall resistance.
UHMW Tip / Tail Impact Deflection - toe and heel protection against damage.
SLIDES Eco Sublimated Sintered - very fast and durable base, which requires only low maintenance.
EDGES Magne-Traction® - wavy edge with seven contact points rpo incredible edge grip, even on icy surfaces.

Size (cm) 157W 161W 165W 169W 170UW 172W
effective edge (mm) 1170 1210 1240 1270 1270 1310
nose width (mm) 305 305 307 310 329 312
center width (mm) 265 265 265 265 285 265
tail width (mm) 305 305 307 310 329 312
radius (m) 8.25 8.5 8.6 8.6 8.75 8.6

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