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POC Spine VPD 2.0 Vest black

Catalog number: 51851507
Model: Spine VPD 2.0 Vest
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Back protector POC SPINE VPD 2.0 VEST

This model has even better energy-absorbing properties than the Spin VPD Vest. The protector is made of VPD material, which has unique properties. It is soft and elastic until the moment of impact, but in the event of an impact it solidifies and exhibits its extreme ability to absorb energy. Everybody adapts to fit perfectly. In addition, this extra light protector works progressively, which means it adapts itself to the impact force. The backbone is certified to the highest level of motorcycle standard. The protector can be removed if necessary (eg washing the vest).

The new VPD2.0 offers extreme shock absorption capability, giving a completely new alternative to the traditional compromise of security features between flexibility and real protection. Given the ability of the material to repeatedly (Multi Impact) change from the normal elastic state to the hard state at the moment of impact, this compromise already corresponds to a POC safe solution. It is most often used in spine protectors, but finds use wherever flexibility and protection are needed at the same time.

VPD2.0 offers better flexibility at low temperatures and has increased tear resistance. To further increase the puncture resistance, the spine protectors have a thermoplastic polymer sheet inserted in the spine region. The innovative version of VPD 2.0 2.0 is still very soft on the surface, soft, comfortable and adapts to any body shape. On impact, the material solidifies and has an extreme ability to absorb energy.


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