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Thunder POLISHED HOLLOW LIGH low skate trucks will hold you every time you jump or turn. They are 148 mm wide . If you want the best on the market, you're in the right place. If you are looking for a quality that will last a long time, then you are right here again! Thunder skate trucks are such Rolls Royce in their category. They will get you not only with their functionality, but also with their design. In addition, Thunder skateboard trucks are very light, which reduces the overall weight of the skateboard and it will be easier for you to jump more different tricks. Most trucks have a significant logo with a grenade and lightning motif.

Perhaps every professional rider or your friend from the skate park who uses Thunder skate trucks will confirm that they are really top notch. The fact that the trucks are perfectly grindable and turns well with them will be confirmed by everyone who has ever tried them. Choose the ideal size for your board and order now.

The Thunder brand belongs to Deluxe Skateboards and specializes in trucks. The production of trucks is very demanding, which is why not so many companies are involved in it, such as the production of skate boards. Their trucks are made in the USA and are driven by many professional riders such as Chima Ferguson, Chris Cole, Sean Malto or Mikey Taylor .

If you are not sure what size trucks are ideal for you and your board, then read our article:


  • low skate trucks Thunder
  • width - 148 mm
  • ideal board size - 8.25 "

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