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Etnies logoThe Etnies brand follows its roots by sponsoring the best athletes in the field of skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, motocross and BMX. Etnies Shoes Shoes Skateboard Stars Like Ryan Sheckler, Nick Garcia, Jose Rojo, BMX Aaron Ross, Nathan Williams, Motocross Riders Todd Potter, Chad Reed, Surfer Mason Ho, Benji Weatherly, Snowboarders JP Walker, Danny Larsen, Steve Gruber and the clouds of others. In addition to Etnies shoes, the brand offers stylish youth clothes such as Etnies T-shirts, Etnies sweatshirts, Etnies pants and shorts, Etnies caps, as well as accessories such as straps, wallets, or Etnies backpacks.

Etnies Fader CHARCOAL

Etnies Fader CHARCOAL

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Etnies was founded in 1986 as the first skateboarder owned and operated company to produce Etnies shoes, caps and clothing. Etnies shoes were focused on action sports. The Etnies brand was not only a company that made the first for skate shoes, but was a pioneer of new technology and forever changed the skateboard industry. Today's vision of Etnies, led by Pierre Andre Seinzergues, is to remain the best action sports company to create innovative products that offer style, comfort and maximum protection.

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