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How can I register?

Click on “create new account” on the homepage. Your new account for easy shopping at will be created after you state your contact details (name, address, phone no.) and your login details (email and password). Having done this, you are logged in the system and can start shopping. You will log in through email and password, which you stated, when visiting next time.

How much is postage?

Merchandise sent to Germany and Poland costs € 5,90. Orders over € 100 = free shipping! Postage to all other European countries is € 15. Orders over € 200 = free shipping! 

How long does it take to process the order?

After placing an order, the order is RECEIVED. The status of the order changes into PROCESSED, once the order is wrapped up and sent to your address. We use DHL and the parcel is delivered within two days after sending. You are notified about any change of status by email. 

Do I get my money back when I am not satisfied?

If you find your merchandise unsatisfactory from whatever reason right after receiving it, you are entitled to return it without stating your reasons and you will immediately get your money back through bank transfer. Merchandise has to be intact, in original intact wrapping, well wrapped, and capable of further selling. The parcel has to be sent within 14 days after delivery. 

Can I use COD when I want to return merchandise?

NO! The parcel will not be accepted. Send the merchandise back using standard parcel, you will receive the money immediately after its delivery through bank transfer. 

How to choose merchandise?

Choosing of merchandise is of course up to you, but we are willing to help you with it. After standard choosing of merchandise in catalogue, you can choose in left menu, section “Products from”, your favourite brand. Having done this, all merchandise, which we have in catalogue from a particular brand, is diplayed. Then you just choose appropriate category of merchandise. Thus you can browse all categories and choose merchandise from a single manufacturer. Do not forget about category “SPECIAL OFFERS AND DISCOUNTS”!!! Having done this, just click on “BUY” and the merchandise goes directly into your shopping basket. Shopping basket is well arranged, you can see its status in the upper-right-hand corner of the eshop (total price and number of items included). Until you confirm the order, you can remove any item from the basket. Your items stay in the basket after logout and re-login, therefore you can carry on shopping later. 

Is there any point asking about merchandise which is not on your website?

We have merchandise in stock, which gets on the website a little later, because it is not always possible to put merchandise on the site quickly. We always try to prepare merchandise so that you have enough information about it. Give us a call or email us (the latter one is preferable), we are willing to discuss it. Your suggestions product-wise are important to us. Use our contact form for questions concerning products or sizes. 

How do I get my merchandise and how do I pay it?

You can collect your items personally in our shop SWIS BOARD s.r.o., Masarykova 2312/65, 400 01 Ústí nad Labem (you can pay cash or by credit card). You can get your items delivered by Commercial Parcel. If you are not reached at the address of delivery, the postman will leave you a note, which says when and where you can collect it. Taking into account that postmen mostly come in the mornings, you can state different address of delivery (e.g. your job address). The parcel will thus arrive there and you do not have to go to the post office. Do not forget to state the name of the company where you work since the postman does not have to find you just under your name. When using COD, you pay cash when receiving the parcel. More on this in section Transport and Payment. Yet another way of paying is a bank transfer – we post the parcel once we receive the money. It is important to give us a call whether the items are in stock or not before placing an order, because items can be ordered by several customers at the same time. In this case, we work on first come, first serve basis. Prevent thus returning of your money from our account. 

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer various special offers on our website during the whole year. We also have seasonal sales with prices very, very low on our website. Moreover, we have another discount programmes: bulk discounts based on the money spent and discounts for regular customers. We value your interest and therefore we thusly reward you. You have to register in order to shop on our website. You can freely browse our website, but if you want to buy anything, you have to register. Registering is also compulsory if you are interested in receiving news, information, or planned events. 

How long is the guarantee period?

Law-given guarantee is 24 months (see Complaints). 

How can I make a complaint?

Print out a complaint form, fill it in, attach the items (washed and cleaned) and send it to our address by recorded delivery to claim the complaint. Do not send it COD, it will not be accepted! Further details in Complaint Regulations.

When are the opening hours of the e-shop?

You can place orders or send emails 24/7. You can call us on working days between 10 AM and 17 PM. Further times are available after previous agreement – weekends are also available, but only after previous agreement by phone +421 736 760 921. We prefer email queries and we are able to reply to these outside opening hours and on weekends and even more quicker than by phones.