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Gravity G3 DARK GREY

Catalog number: 90055126
Model: G3
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Gravity G3 men's binding

The absolute top of the Gravity collection. The binding we breathed life into in our workshops is called G3. A two-track vase filled with the best we can offer. Gravity G3 has a very light construction, anatomical elements and enters the new season with the best shaped straps for snowboard boots.

G3 Baseplate - base with UV varnish and plastic sliding heel for adjusting the size according to your shoe. The baseplate is covered with an EVA lining for cushioning hard impacts.

Plastic ratchets - polished ratchets with very simple fastening

Flexible 3D Strap - the new instep strap used on the G3 models, guarantees a comfortable ride and flexible movement. The minimized rubber front strap exactly copies the shape of the shoe.

Rubber Toe Strap - the front rubber strap, which is shaped exactly to the toe of the shoe. The shoe sits where it is and holds you during demanding tricks.

Asym Highback - asymmetric support foot, offers significant weight reduction and lining of EVA material for suspension while riding and comfort.

Base cover - on our highest models, the baseplate is covered with a lining made of EVA material. The sole of the boot is thus in contact with the binding over the entire surface, which increases the sensitivity when guiding the snowboard in an arc.

Soft Touch Finish - soft finishes

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