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Men's ski wear 686

686The Californian brand 686 was born in 1992 by California snowboarder Mike West. Within a few years, he managed to build a company producing the finest snowboard clothing and a company able to compete with the world's largest players. In 2006 he made the same enthusiasm for street fashion production. Even after sixteen years, Mike did not blow the gas and still boasts a giant fan base all over the world.

Men's ski wear 686

Men's ski wear 686

Men's ski wear is beside right skis absolutely necessary for every ride. You definitely can not go out in a dress for everyday street wearing on the slope! Clothes must meet the criteria for thermal insulation, breathability and especially water resistance. Heat insulation is suitable for extremely colds conditions or when you suffer from constant cold. Thanks to breathability, the garment parts are comfortable from the inside, because the material can breathe. Waterproofing then takes care of waterproofing during frequent falls on the ground. So in the end it always depends on the style and conditions of your ride - here you can choose specific men's ski jackets, men's ski trousers and also men's ski gloves and men's functional underwear. The first layer is extremely important and is the basis of every success in skiing and snowboarding, so you should definitely not forget it. Choose from plenty of models, colors and leading brands from all over the world.

Mike West's company still owns, its production is funded from its own resources, products are in the key markets to the most respected and also the best-selling ones. His success is a constant effort to find a new look at his own products and the answer to the question: Where and how can we further improve our products? Mike, we're good to you, keep moving. In the collections of the brand you will find especially the apparel of technical stamping, which will be appreciated especially by snowboarders and enthusiasts who enjoy winter sports in general. 686 designs are influenced by skateboarding, snowboarding, but also by punk, rap or jazz music. In short, an ideal blend that can never be bored.


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