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Men's Snowwear Analog

Analog logoAnalog is part of the Burton Snowboards Corporation and was established as a side division of Burton in 2001. From the beginning, it was profiled as a brand dedicated to the three main sports on board - skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. While Burton already has his clientele, Analog presents a more experimental project in which the straightforward strategy is often broken and surprising.

Men's Snowwear Analog

Men's Snowwear Analog

Snowboard equipment, the right and quality snowboard, bindings and shoes, is one thing, the men's snowwear then the other. You can´t definitely go on a slope in classical street clothes, that is for sure. Clothing must meet the criteria for breathability and, above all, water resistance. And in some cases even thermal insulation. Thanks to breathability, the garment parts are comfortable from inside. Waterproofness takes care of waterproofing during frequent falls on the ground. Heat insulation is suitable for extreme conditions because you normally warm up yourself during classical riding. So in the end it always depends on the style and conditions of your ride. At our shop you can find snowboard jackets and snowboard pants with high and low indexes of breathability, waterproofing and thermal insulation, so you can choose exactly what you need. We must also not forget the appropriate men's snowboard gloves with thermal insulation or with protectors and especially the first layer, namely the functional underwear for men, which is the basis of comfort and warmth. Choose from a variety of models, colors and brands.

Therefore, Analog also combines seemingly non-combinable elements. This is why we are often confronted with Analog products with original products that surprise us with its fresh, new and progressive design and design. It focuses mainly on technical apparel, which will also serve greatly in the cities and the cities. Analog is synonymous with the word progresse.


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