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REKD Heavy Duty Double Pa BLACK/BLACK

Catalog number: 90315756
Model: Heavy Duty Double Pa
30,45 €

REKD Heavy Duty Double Pa BLACK / BLACK are knee and elbow protectors that have many uses. Adrenaline and action sports can be very dangerous, so it is necessary to use protective elements. Knee pads are also among the protective elements. Large action joints are exposed to various shocks and falls during action sports, which could damage them, so it is necessary to pay attention to their sufficient protection.

In this case, REKD Heavy Duty Double Pa BLACK / BLACK will protect you and your knees. When riding a bike, on skates, on a skateboard or on a scooter, these protectors will be an ideal protective partner!

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  • knee and elbow pads
  • skate protectors
  • bicycle protectors
  • scooter protectors
  • longboard protectors

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