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Switchback SPIRIT

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Women's snowboard bindings SWITCHBACK SPIRIT

Spirit is a light but durable freestyle bindings that allow you to relax and forgive. It has comfortable straps, the front closes progressively over the tip. EVA padding under the toe and heel will cushion impacts. This model is tuned to the colors of the Bataleon Spirit snowboard to create a beautiful coimplet.

Switchback bindings bring a modular approach to bindings, where everyone decides what their individual components will look like. Choose from the offered parts, choose the color, then fold the binding in minutes without using any tools. Yes, really, no tools! The only time you need a screwdriver is when you are tying the bindings to your board!

Origin Baseplate: the base is as light as possible with excess material that comes in contact with the snowboard. The bottom is equipped with a rubber sleeve that is inserted along the bottom edge of the binding. This rubber perfectly absorbs all vibrations and impacts. Under the toe and heel is slightly less rubber, which provides better transfer of energy from binding to the edge of the snowboard.
Intergrated Pad : basic padding that is strategically placed at the tip and base of the base.
Midback : a foot that was originally designed for riders with a smaller foot, but has become a favorite among riders looking for more freedom with less response. Foot suitable for park riding and especially for girls.
Miller Strap : a strap made of TPU mesh, the shape of which is designed to best fit the shoe. Miller Strap creates an extremely strong shoe attachment in the bindings, but without losing elasticity!
inserts: 4x4 - regular snowboards, disc is compatible with Burton channel

Binding sizes: S 34-39, M 39-43, L 43-46

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