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Bataleon CHASER

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The Bataleon Blow men's snowboard fulfills your dreams! Thanks to its 3D curvature, it will teach you to travel more easily, it is suitable for beginners and advanced riders and is ready to move your ride to a whole new level. It will take you all the way - from the slopes, it goes through the dust and among the trees. Note: Baseball color may be orange depending on production with black or black with orange sign! Level : Beginners / advanced Deformation : mellow camber Theme : Allmountain Length : 159 cm Width : 2267 mm Radius : 8.05 m Hardness : 3/10 Effective edge : 123 cm Shape: 99% twin Binding system: 4 x 2 Technology: Super Slick X : The extruded base with the highest possible molecular content that can be used for this type of base. It is more durable, faster and easier to maintain. Biax laminate : traditional and time-tested, classically structured in two directions, the board is lighter and more flexible Core Core : a lightweight poplar core, in the field of inserts reinforced with beechwood for greater resistance to jibbing, jumping and freestyle. Strong and lightweight core. Flip flop base : Plates that use this technology have slopes in two or more color combinations! This process reduces waste. Shock Walls : The side edges absorb shock, making the ride smoother! Freestyle 3BT ™ : Improves the functionality of the board - it makes it easier to turn, improves the dust, improves the pop, the tip and the heel, the edges rise slightly and lift towards the widest point of the plate


  • PROHIBITION - Camber
  • TYPE - Universal (Allmountain)
  • WIDTH - Wide

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