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BURTON PROCESS SMALLS children's snowboard

A weapon for all teenage boys. Thanks to its balanced hardness and great stability, PROCESS is a snowboard with which your child will learn all the necessary skills on the snow. The board manages both riding in the park and on and off the piste.

Twin shape Freestyle shape of snowboards, where the tip and foot are the same length - the center of the board is located in the center of gravity of the snowboard.

The flat top Rocker on the heel and toe makes it easier to start and guide the curves both during normal driving and when riding on the switch. The flat between the bindings is suitable for riding in a variety of conditions, where it forgives mistakes.

Twin Flex Symmetrical hardness of the snowboard. The toe and heel are equally hard.

FSC ™ Certified Super Fly ™ 800G Core A combination of harder and softer wood focused on individual parts of the snowboard for better pop, stability and weight reduction.

Dualzone ™ EGD ™ Pressed wood sawdust around the base of the snowboard and around the edges of the hind leg to increase strength, edge control and snowboard response.

Biax ™ Fiberglass Softer snowboard lamination, especially suitable for jibbing and riding in the park.

Extruded Base Fast and durable base that easily absorbs wax.

Pro-Tip ™ Thinning the heel and toe of the snowboard for weight reduction and greater mobility.

Rail Ready ™ Edge Tune Reinforced edge that lasts easily on railings and boxes.

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