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Element MOTIF

Catalog number: 90253768
Model: MOTIF
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The MOTIF 8 "element is a super skate set suitable for every beginner and intermediate skater. Even you will learn to ride it great. Whether you want to ride on the street or in a skate park , this board is for you!
Element skate set is made of maple wood boards. Element trucks are made of solid alloy, so you don't have to worry that they will break right away. Element urethane wheels ensure a proper ride. We can't forget about quality bearings, ABEC 5 is waiting for you here. Classic black griptape is a matter of course.
And as a small bonus, Element skateboards are not made in China, but in Spain . This is not only sustainable, but mainly protects the environment by producing significantly less CO2 emissions .


  • trucks - 133 mm
  • wheels - 52 mm
  • board - 8 ”
  • bearings - ABEC 5


  • width - 20.3 cm
  • length - 80.6 cm

Material: maple wood, urethane

Material: 75%MPLWD 15%STL 8%ERTHN 2%SDPR

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