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Catalog number: 89825518
Model: BLISS
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Women's snowboard boots Gravity Bliss

Women's Gravity shoes, model Bliss, offers perfect support and comfort. A special inner finish prevents the heel from slipping and keeps your fingers warm throughout the day, even in the coldest weather. Classic laces are used for comfortable tightening.

EVA Outsole - lightweight EVA foam sole reduces shoe weight and provides excellent rebound cushioning, damping vibration and hard impact. At the same time, it performs an insulating function, thanks to which the shoe does not freeze so much.
3D Molded Tongue - An anatomically shaped 3D tongue precisely follows the leg for full-day comfort.
Flexible Cuff - soft and flexible cuff for flexibility and comfort.
Long Lasting Shell - upper is made of synthetic materials that are resistant to abrasion and wear, guarantee a long life of shoes.
New Stretch Link Design - elastic panel between the top and bottom of the shoe in the ankle area allows for natural flexion of the foot.
Molded Handles - reinforced strap at the back and top for a comfortable fit.
GRVT Tech Liner - inner liner with separate fastening and warm lining. Includes reinforced side panels for maximum protection during tough driving.
Standard Lacing - classic lacing with laces with metal hooks.

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