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Gravity SNB LOCK black

Catalog number: 89565490

Gravity Snb Lock

A small pocket lock with a 3 number combination that you can choose yourself. It has a self-winding steel cable.

Instructions for use (numeric code setting):

  1. Push the lock head inwards of the lock until it clicks.
  2. Set a combination of three numbers on the dial to remember.
  3. Press the button to release the cable, unwind the required length and thread the objects you want to lock.
  4. Snap the lock head into the hole and turn the dials arbitrarily to lock the cable.
  5. To unlock the lock, set your numeric code on the dial and press the lock release button.
  6. The lock head pops out of the lock. Attention! - the cable has a winding flexible mechanism, to prevent possible injury.

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