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Men's all-mountain snowboard K2 Party Platter.

Length 157 cm
Effective edge 111.8 cm
Nose width 32.6 cm
Width of waist 28 cm
Thickness 30.9 cm
Backstance 0 cm
Stance 56.5 cm
The weight of the driver is 59 kg
Rider weight up to 104 kg
Radius 7.5 m
Width normal (up to 10.5US)
Determining All-mountain Freestyle
Construction Hybrid

The K2 Directional Rocker vault technology has been developed for use anywhere in the mountains to allow easy and steady start of the bend on a hard surface, and in the case of a soft surface, it also ensures seamless and controlled float. The use of this snowboard technology defines mean toe buoyancy and lower buoyancy on snowboards, which is the ideal ratio for universal use.

The BAP core of the snowboard combines three types of wood from renewable sources, the structure of which ultimately influences the rigidity of the snowboard, the perfect torsional turning behavior and also the resulting weight of the snowboard. Stylish biaxial lamination with double-woven glass fibers to provide lightness, performance and softer flex snowboard. Biaxial lamination is applied to the top and bottom layers of the snowboard and combines with the choice of wood in the core to adjust the snowboard stiffness so that the combined boards are characterized by a soft flex. We implement it in the beginner's All-mountain and Freestyle snowboards, where the softer flex is desirable.

The extra-added Ollie Bar snowboard construction consists of a mixture of carbon, kevlar and urethane is located in the center of the snowboard center between the inserts of the binding. The main effect of this element is the increase of the required energy in the basic ollie trick called POP, which was previously the domain of Camber only snowboards. The unique Volume Shift shape of the snowboard, which delivers incredible maneuverability and surf feel, lets you choose a 5-7cm length over the standard.

Design with a reduced amount of material on the tip and foot of the snowboard and reinforcement in the material under the shoes. This technology extends and reduces the design of the snowboard while maintaining the necessary ride and increased handling and ability to respond immediately to the direction of travel, which will be reflected primarily on untreated terrain. Very fast and durable Sintered 4000 base with reinforced coating for maximum durability with fast wax absorption and maintenance. Applied to snowboards of the higher model series thanks to its top performance.


  • PROHIBITION - Hybrid
  • TYPE - Universal (Allmountain)
  • WIDTH - Regularly

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