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Men's sunglasses adidas

Adidas SkateboardingAdidas is one of the most famous brands of sportswear, footwear and sporting goods in the world. A strong team of athletes and a giant fan base have made it possible for the brand to be among the giants who set the trend not only for the fashion industry, but also for the sport and design industry.

Men's sunglasses adidas

Men's sunglasses adidas

Men's sunglasses are not only a fashion accessory, but also an essential accessory during the summer months because they protect against the harmful effects of sunlight. When choosing glasses, look at the appearance and type of construction (nowadays retro sunglasses, sunglasses pilots or so-called round lenons are popular), which you should primarely like and they should also fit well, but first of all you should care about whether lenses are equipped with ultraviolet radiation protection or polarizing properties. Most glasses at are equipped with a UV 400 filter. Sunglasses are made of metallic materials that are harder, but more luxurious, or hardened plastics that excel in lightness while maintaining strength. Glasses can then be classical, matte or mirrored. Choose from a selection of leading world-renowned manufacturers.

The story of Adidas is a well-known affair. The company was originally only for the production of sports footwear and under the name Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik was founded in 1924 by brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. Not long after its opening, it managed to gain a large share not only in the domestic but also in the foreign market. In the revolutionary year of 1948, brothers broke into a division, which resulted in the complete separation of both men and also the division of the company. Rudolf once again set up a company producing sports shoes and named it according to the first two letters of his name and surname, Ruda. Later, however, he renamed the company to Puma. His brother Adolf advanced similarly and founded the company Adidas (Adi is the abbreviation of the name Adolf, Das then the first letters of the surname Dassler). The symbol of the company is three iconic black strips and a trefoil logo reminiscent of a three-lane three-lane. At present, Adidas has a special division for basketball, tennis, jogging, snowboarding and among others, also focused on skateboarding.


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