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Men's T-Shirts Animal

Animal logoAnimal began its story in 1987 with one single product, which was a textile tape watch. Designed by two surfer celebrities, the strap quickly became a very popular affair across action sports communities. This is because of its durability and functional character. Since the birth of Animal, a lot of water has run away.

Men's T-Shirts Animal

Men's T-Shirts Animal

Men's T-shirts can be worn in combination with everything, whether it's jeans, shorts or more formal trousers. T-shirts have a short or long sleeve or a sleeve of three-quarter length and are divided into subcategories with round neckline or V neckline. Most often they are made of cotton or cotton / polyester, because the cotton is comfortable to wear, is airy and has good breathability properties. The t-shirts at are outstanding with impressive prints, up-to-date modern cuts, and you can always find them at the eshop in a large number of color combinations and in all sizes available so that everyone can choose.

More specifically, more than 30 years. These were successful and inspirational decades. Inspiration Animal found in board sports, but not long after 1987, the brand began expanding into other areas so that it is nowadays a successful lifestyle brandy. The in-house team of designers takes care of the designs of fresh prints and fresh authentic garments and accessories that often arise in collaboration with professional riders or artists. But it is always trying to keep the authentic and adventurous character that the founders of the brand have made to the mark thirty years ago. The basic pillars of Animal philosophy include quality materials, obsession with detail and emphasis on a satisfied customer.


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