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Men's functional underwear Analog

Analog logoAnalog is part of the Burton Snowboards Corporation and was established as a side division of Burton in 2001. From the beginning, it was profiled as a brand dedicated to the three main sports on board - skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. While Burton already has his clientele, Analog presents a more experimental project in which the straightforward strategy is often broken and surprising.

Men's functional underwear Analog

Men's functional underwear Analog

Even when choosing men's snowboard clothing, it is necessary to begin choosing from the basic layers to the top ones. This means that the basis of successful riding is always the first layer - men's functional underwear. This is the clothing that is in the closest contact with the human skin, and therefore it is necessary to pay close attention to it. Ideal is when men's functional underwear features antibacterial treatment that prevents the spread of mold and other unwanted phenomena and has breathable and sweating capabilities. This will allow you to feel comfortable on the slope and focus only on the maximum performance. Choose a men's functional t-shirt, men's functional pants or whole sets at our eshop. We have functional underwear from leading world manufacturers and in various designs.

Therefore, Analog also combines seemingly non-combinable elements. This is why we are often confronted with Analog products with original products that surprise us with its fresh, new and progressive design and design. It focuses mainly on technical apparel, which will also serve greatly in the cities and the cities. Analog is synonymous with the word progresse.


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