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Model: TEAM
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NITRO Team bindings

The NITRO Team binding is a versatile model with aluminum ratchets, light construction and a wide range of advanced technologies.

2x4 Mini disc - a small and very light disc that aims to reduce weight, better distribute the center of gravity and let the flex of your board stand out.

Air Dampening - the lightest technology absorbing hard impacts and shocks without sacrificing comfort and binding response.

3 ° Canted Footbed - keeps the body tilt in an ideal and most natural position for snowboarding

Board Saver Technology - rounded corners of the baseplate where they meet the board. This results in better use of the flex of your board and less abrasion.

Speedwheel ratchets - durable and lightweight aluminum ratchets for perfect functionality.

Cable Reinforced Connectors - in this model the tapes are reinforced with a steel cable. This increases their durability and, in the event of a tape breakage, they provide an emergency solution.

Grip Toe Strap - Comfortable flexible straps that fit on each shoe. The front strap can be fastened over the toe and over the instep.

Easy Entry Buckles and Ratchets - "S" shaped ratchets will not get under your feet when you step into the bindings. Wide buckles, on the other hand, guarantee easy removal and lightning fastening.

Shoe size:
- Medium: 7.0-10.5 US / 25.0-28.5 MP / 38.5 - 43.5 EU
- Large: 11.0-14.0 US / 29.0-32.0 MP / 44 - 48 EU

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