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Nitro VERTICAL black

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Men's snowboard bindings Nitro VERTICAL black for splitboard. The binding was designed together with the best possible partners in the field of splitboarding - Spark R&D . The result combines the simplicity and longevity of the Spark TeslaT1 base with a quality Nitro top . Tool-free, quick-adjusting Nitro Recline support, First Track upper buckle, Vibram EcoStep ÜBERGRIP lower buckle and rope-reinforced straps - these are the trump cards of this binding. Easy ascent up and comfortable way down.
The package includes screws and a set of tools. Prepared for maximum performance.

Flex: 9/10


Baseplate Tesla T1 - the legendary baseplate from the pioneering brand Spark R&D. It enables the binding to be fixed by inserting it from the side into the riser holders. You can secure it without complicated manipulation with the patented Snap Ramp lock.

Recline Highback - provides plenty of space when climbing and support when descending. It allows the inclination to be adjusted without the use of tools.

First Track© ankle strap with flexible window - an exclusive strap with a lightweight RailGuard padded nylon construction to reduce weight while maintaining great ride characteristics and climbing comfort.

Lower strap Übergrip Toe Strap with Vibram© EcoStep™ rubber - a combination of the shape of the popular BEST strap in combination with highly grippy rubber from Vibram, which is at least 50% recycled. It adapts to every shoe and holds up well even with the hardest impact, wet and cold.

Reinforced tie straps - high strength stainless steel wire inside the tie straps - no more bending and breaking, just maximum control and durability.

EVA cushioning on the base surface and front pedal increases overall comfort.

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