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Velcro wallet Textile wallet. Small zipped pocket, document pocket, card compartments, key ring or chain. Size 14x10 cm. HISTORY OF THE BRAND: Nitro Snowboards was established in 1990 in Seattle, Washington. It was founded by two riders who wanted to produce high-quality equipment, as the market offer seemed inadequate. Snowboarding has been a passion for them and has remained to her today. They say: We are snowboarders and thank you for your support, so we can continue. Our goal is to come up with innovations that would raise our level of sport, with new practices, materials, technologies ... We want to move the limits and we have a lot of experience with that time. For the first time, we came up with a progressive cut or three-kernel bindings. At the birth of each of our products, we have the drivers from our design office in Seattle. Our "design & development" team is with us from day to day - not every snowboard company can say something like this. Our designers are still working on Europeans who are in command of production, and last but not least, our riders in the mountains all over the world are testing. This is our recipe for unique snowboard equipment.

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