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Oakley Turbine Rotor POLISHED BLACK

Catalog number: 90380136
Model: Turbine Rotor

Oakley Turbine Rotor POLISHED BLACK are sunglasses from the world-famous Oakley brand , which you will surely fall in love with. The Oakley brand is one of the world's leading manufacturers of glasses. Their glasses are characterized by high durability and a perfect representation of reality.

Oakley sunglasses are also known for their patented technology, which will further enhance the experience of wearing glasses. Specifically, these Oakley Turbine Rotor POLISHED glasses are known for their square shape and modern silhouette. Absolutely clear image and lightness of glasses you definitely like. That's not the only thing that awaits you from these glasses. High durability is also a matter of course.

These stylish sunglasses are waiting for you!


  • top sunglasses
  • Oakley logo on the leg
  • Three-Point Fit System - A unique system of attaching glasses to the barrel using three points, specifically on the nose and behind the ears.
  • C -5 ™ - Ultra light and highly durable metal alloy material.
  • HDO ™ - Thanks to this technology, our glasses reproduce reality perfectly without various distortions or other image defects. You will get a much sharper and clearer image. Polarization - If you have experienced what it is like to have polarized glasses, then you will not want otherwise. Thanks to polarization, the world will no longer shine. Glare on the water surface, on the road or on the glass, disappears.
  • Prizm ™ - Brighter colors, contrast and details are guaranteed by Prizm ™ .
  • Unobtainium - Special anti-slip technology at the ends of the legs that resists moisture.

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