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Ride Lasso BOA black

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Model: Lasso BOA
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Men's snowboard boots RIDE Lasso BOA

RIDE LASSO BOA snowboard boots are a popular model with medium to higher hardness of the boot and double BOA tightening. The shoes are very comfortable thanks to the tightening options and at the same time provide sufficient support for the feet. No terrain will be an obstacle for you in these shoes!

Shoe construction:
Thanks to this type of construction, these are the lightest and shortest snowboard boots in the given sizes. The foam insole is factory-manufactured in a so-called mesh fit, which leads to a reduction in the shoe and better comfort.

Removable liner
Possibility of removing the inner boot from the boot during drying or cleaning.

HDR Premium synthetics
Premium polyurethane material that significantly improves wear resistance. It is in places where the bindings and edges of the board create high wear.

Heat Reflective Foil
This technology helps redirect the heat that is kept under the foot to the toe area to keep the whole foot warm all day.

Waffle Flex Sole + Slime Midsole
Elastic sole with flexible pattern with good grip + extra flexible and durable Slime layer.

H4 BOA® Coiler Fit System
System for tightening the outer shoe using a steel cable with winding. The fastest way to evenly tighten your shoe without loosening!

Boa® Tongue Tied ™ Fit System
System for tightening the inner boot in the ankle area using a steel cable. Thanks to this system, it is possible to perfectly set the position of the foot inside the shoe.

Internal and External J Bars, Cored Ankle Pockets
Maximum reinforcement in the ankle area thanks to added reinforcements. It also helps to maximize the fixation of the heel in the shoe for the best possible control.

Intuition ™ Mobile Liner
The high-density foam surrounds the skeleton's support structure for maximum reflection and dream performance.

Black Gold ™ Liner Mesh
Bamboo wood fibers added to the inner boot, which help prevent odors and moisture while helping thermoregulation and blood circulation.

3D Formed Dual Density EVA
Soft EVA foam for extra comfort together with a harder variant to support your feet.

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Ride Anthem BOA black

Ride Anthem BOA black

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