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Ride VXN black

Catalog number: 89540770
Model: VXN
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Women's Ride VXn binding for women they know! The metal base for riding wherever your mountains allow. This binding is the perfect tool to fulfill your ideas. You can easily become a queen of mountains.

size S (34-37eur), M (37-42.5eur)

Edge Chassis System ™ with Adjustable Heelcup
Super light binder design with a central Micro Drive system that makes it easy to set the binding position. High-quality aluminum body made of aviation aluminum 6061.

Wedgie ™ 2.5 Footbed
The pad between the tether and the shoe, made from ultra lightweight EVA foam, helps keep a more natural attitude on the snowboard while helping snowboard control and vibration dampening.

EVA Basepad
The binding pad that comes in contact with a snowboard made of thin EVA foam that absorbs vibration from the board and dampens vibration at higher speeds.

Nylon Highback
The traditional foot which with its modern shape and used material offers an optimal mix of support, control over snowboarding and comfort.

Stitched Ankle Strap
Shaped strap strap with multiple layered filler. The 3D shape perfectly surrounds your instep for better snowboard handling.

ThinGrip ™ Plus Toe Strap
Adjustable toe lightweight strap. Rubber webbing is designed for extra comfortable grip on the shoe. Thanks to the elastic material, it is possible to fasten the strap directly over the toe of the shoe or classically over the top of the shoe.

Linkage Ratchets
Lightweight aluminum alloy ratchet in the latest design in the snowboard ratchet, which guarantees smooth tightening and clearance as a butter. It also ensures higher durability of the straps.

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