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Slamm Mischief V6 Nebula

Catalog number: 90315817
Model: Mischief V6

Slamm Mischief V6 Nebula is a freestyle scooter that will be appreciated by everyone who likes adrenaline. Freedom, wind in your hair and a wild ride through the city, these are the things that will definitely await you on the Slamm Mischief V6 Nebula freestyle scooter! This freestyle scooter is designed for intermediate to advanced riders. The boxed design of the scooter allows you to do virtually any trick . Even the tailwhip will not be a problem, practically without pain. Wheels with a width of 110 mm Ny-Core s will put you into operation hardness 88a . The handlebars are T-shaped, for which you get exclusive 135 mm Swirl color grips . We must not forget today's standard, which has become the IHC and integrated NECO headset . When choosing a scooter, do not forget to pay attention to the correct height of the handlebars, which should be approximately at the height of your waist.

All this, this super freestyle scooter is waiting for you! So don't hesitate and order now!


  • board size - 49.5 cm x 11.5 cm
  • handlebar size - (T shape) height 57 cm x width 52 cm
  • height to the handlebars from the ground - 81.5 cm
  • wheels - 110 mm Ny-Core 88a
  • bearings - ABEC 9
  • IHC system
  • load capacity - 100 kg
  • weight - 3700 g

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