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SmellWell Active Hawaii Floral

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SmellWell Active Hawaii Floral is a deodorizer that has several uses. And what exactly is a deodorizer? It is such a special bag that absorbs moisture in shoes or a backpack. I'm sure you know that, too, if you're on your feet all day, then your shoes can be felt. The deodorizer from the SmellWell brand will help you solve this unpleasant situation. But that's not the only thing that stands out, the SmellWell Active Hawaii Floral deodorizer removes unpleasant odors, absorbs moisture, and most importantly leaves long-term freshness.

It may all sound unbelievable, just like the other commercials, but it works. Other brands only mask the unpleasant odor, but do not remove it. And that's why SmellWell is here .

  • removes bacteria
  • removes moisture
  • removes odor

And where is SmellWell using? The deodorizer is ideal for your shoes, backpack or car.


  • deodorizer
  • helps eliminate odor
  • leaves a long-term freshness
  • effectiveness is up to 6 months

Package contents:

  • 2x 100g bag

Design and production: Sweden, Stockholm

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