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Snowboard bindings 5150

5150 logoUSA, California, 1993, that's exactly the beginning of the 5150 brand produced by Thermal Manufacturing. Two years later, she was hooked under the wings of another snowboard giant Ride Snowboards and is currently one of the most respected snow brandies that produces shoes, bindings and other accessories.

Snowboard bindings 5150

Snowboard bindings 5150

The second item in the holy snowboard trio, that isd what snowboard bindings are! When choosing, you have to pay attention to the right stiffness above all. Most often customers choose softer bindings for freestyle and freeride snowboards. For races and similar disciplines, you need harder bindings. Bindings are divided into categories for men, women and children. We also recommend that you stick to the proven rule and that is that you first choose snowboard boots and then bindings. 

When one sees the logo and also the name of a brand, it must necessarily reflect on what the combination of numbers means. Explanation is worth it. By this number, according to California law, people are mentally ill. The fact that they are signs, but they mean they are under control, so brand 5150 refers to the fact that snowboard madness has a person with 5150 tools under control. Choose from snowboards, boots, bindings and other top 5150 items with sophisticated design.


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