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Snowboards Vimana

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Snowboards Vimana

We are snowboard experts, and if you're dragging on how to choose a snowboard, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer snowboard boards from leading snowboard manufacturers (whether Burton, Lib Tech, GNU, Bataleon, Ride or Nitro) - they come in a wide variety of styles and constructions (freeride, freestyle, all-mountain). So whether you are a fan of free rides and tricks in unpaved trails or among cool downhill riders, you will find a snowboard that meets your requirements righ here. Most snowboards have advanced technologies that make them easier for beginners and moderates to ride, and in the case of the more advanced ones, they improve and refine the maneuverability and allow you to do anything. We have men's snowboards, women's snowboards and children's snowboards so the whole family can equip here for the mountains.

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