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Spinera SUP5 16psi

Catalog number: 90381003
Model: SUP5 16psi

Spinera SUP5 16psi is an electric pump designed for inflating boats or paddleboards. Every boat, paddleboard or deck chair needs specific pressure, and this is the Spiner SUP5 pump can meet even the most demanding requirements. You will definitely enjoy the fully automated system, which stops exactly when you reach the preset pressure. But that's not all, the Spiner SUP5 pump has a built-in battery, so you can use the device without restrictions and without being connected to the mains.

Follow the instructions in the enclosed manual before use.


  • electric pump
  • for inflating boats, paddleboards or deck chairs
  • inflation to a pressure of 16 psi
  • automated system for stopping at a preset pressure
  • LCD display
  • full inflation at 15psi in 15 - 20 minutes

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