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Paddleboard Quiksilver

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Paddleboard Quiksilver

Our e-shop is also part of the surf-shoe. We also focus on wildlife summer and water sports such as paddleboarding, wakeboarding or skimboarding. And because we are enthusiasts in these sports, no less than skateboarding, snowboarding or BMX cycling, you will find a wide offer in the paddleboards category, which are actually inflatable floats, thanks to which you can easily navigate water levels (whether sea, river or ponds) ), wakeboards, which are designed to ride on a board drawn behind the boat, and skimboards, as alternatives for surfers designed for undisturbed coastal surfing. In addition to board hardware, you'll also find surfing clothing such as neoprene or lycra clothing in the water or safety accessories in the form of a heel and a village. Prepare for the summer season in time and try one (or even all) of the latest sports in the world, whose popularity climbs steeply. If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on choosing a model, accessories and purchasing.

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