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Two-piece swimsuit 69Slam

69Slam logoThe 69Slam brand is a true fashion matador. She has been here since 2004 and she has managed to create a reputable reputation with a distinctive color, suggestive and alternative product offering with unique prints and designs. The creed of the brand is from the very beginning to playfulness, provocativeness and, above all, the emphasis on entertainment.

Two-piece swimsuit 69Slam

Two-piece swimsuit 69Slam

Two-piece swimsuits are probably the most popular and popular choice for women's swimwear. And that's probably because they can not only show your whole figure, but they also allow full-bodied tanning. So-called bikinis or bikinis (bi here means two as two parts) are made in a variety of shapes. They may have a more square or rather rounded profile and they tend to be smaller or larger in size. They are often also decorated with full-color color prints, because the colors simply belong to the summer days. In addition to color variations, bikinis also have different types of fastening and bindings. They can be equipped with the laces, the patent or the elastic rubber without fastening. 

The 69Slam brand has grown from an aquatic environment, but is also a full-featured modern lifestyle brand that focuses on fun lingerie, swimwear, apparel and other fashion accessories. The brand changed its identity in 2013, when it underwent a complete rebranding including a new logo. This is what impersonates the modernity, authenticity and playfulness that everyone in the Shlam believes. At the same time it is a symbol of a little insanity, youth and all possible celebrations, such as the celebration of life. At present, the 69Slam brand with the motto "PLAYLOUD!" sells in more than 50 countries and is one of the most popular brands among young people.


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