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Women's bags Aevor

Aevor logoAevor is a very young brand. It was only founded in 2016. It does not do any harm, however, because in a short period of its existence it was able to build a relatively strong reputation. And not only thanks to the design that combines street / urban fashion with practical use, but also thanks to fair sales and friendly production certificates.

Women's bags Aevor

Women's bags Aevor

Women´s handbags can sometimes quite easily grow into absolute collectible passion, because handbags are simply never not enough - every occassion fits another model. Here you will find all possible cuts - shoulder-length women's handbags, more spacious women's bags and small handbags, for example, for festival or just in the city to store wallet, keys and mobile phone. You can also choose the material because at you can find leather women's handbags, as well as synthetic leather or synthetic leathers, which are vegan-friendly. The basic parameter of the women's handbag is also the color. Choose from pastel colors, distinctive color combinations and designs compatible with anything. Within this category you will find also women's beach bags and small toilet bags.

Aevor is the project of young ambitious people from Cologne, Germany, part of the Fond Of. An assortment to which they attach all their attention are the backpacks for everyday street wear. But it's not about any badge, but about backpacks with a number of practical scraps. The company's philosophy is, besides practicality, a responsible approach to the environment and the world around us, making backpacks made from 50% recycled plastic PET bottles. Aevor also boasts a bluesign® certificate and a Fair Wear label to guarantee fair trade. The backpack designs reflect current modern lifestyle in the cities and suburbs.


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