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Burton SMALLS black

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The Burton SMALLS black children's snowboard binding is intuitive and will give you the perfect connection to the board for easy all-mountain riding. The ergonomic, team-designed hi-back joins forces with professional straps and plenty of cushioning to give kids maximum comfort and performance.

For more information, read the specifications below.

Purpose: All-mountain

Flex: Medium

  • Models with medium flexibility perform equally well on any terrain

Technical Specifications:

Single-Component Hi-Back Construction

  • the simplicity of the one-piece sole means immediate response. Using Burton's secret blend of materials, the footbed can handle flex from soft to responsive

Re: Flex FullBED

  • suspension system
  • maximizes comfort and minimizes fatigue
  • trap door design for easy access to mounting hardware


  • Re:Flex can increase board flex by 71% compared to traditional disc bindings
  • compatible with all mounting systems
  • minimized bass that reduces weight by 20%

Zero Lean Canted Hi-Back

  • ergonomic design precisely follows the shape of the right and left feet for maximum comfort and control
  • riders who prefer a relaxed ride will love the Zero Forward Lean setting – but there's always the option to set the binding to a more active position for sharp carvings and edges

HammockStrap 2.0

  • upper strap that perfectly follows the shape of the shoe. No seams and a minimum of material in exchange for better contact with the shoe and thus better energy transfer.
  • Supergrip Capstrap - 3D curved, minimized front strap with adjustable toe or instep. Less gluing, less stitching, no PU and maximum durability.
  • Smooth Glide™ straps

MicroFLAD system

  • the ability to adjust the posture using a lever system and a sliding base to adjust the micro tilt angle

Bomb-Proof Polycarbonate

  • light polycarbonate bombproof plate for relaxed cruising

Re-Ground materials

  • some materials are recycled in the production of the bindings to reduce the impact on the environment
Binding Size Mini Grom - Small Thunder - Medium Smalls - Large
US Boot Size 7C-13C* 1K-3K 4K-7K
EURO Boot Size 24-30.5 31.5-34 35-40
UK Boot Size 6-12 13-2 3-6
MONDO Boot Size 13.5-19.5 20-21 22-25

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