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GLADIATOR Elite 25psi

Catalog number: 90376863
Model: Elite 25psi
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GLADIATOR Elite Double action 25psi is a hand pump designed for inflating boats or paddleboards. Every boat, paddleboard or deck chair needs a specific pressure and this GLADIATOR Elite 25psi pump can meet even the most demanding requirements. The Double Action model is very specific, you can inflate by moving up and down at the same time. You will find a "double / single action" switch on the pump, which allows you to pump one-way or two-way. The maximum achievable pressure is 25 psi .

Follow the instructions in the enclosed manual before use.


  • hand pump
  • for inflating boats, paddleboards or deck chairs
  • inflation to a pressure of 25 psi
  • Double Action - the possibility of two-way inflation
  • possibility to switch between one-way and two-way inflation

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