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Gravity EMPATIC Junior

Catalog number: 89824795
Model: EMPATIC Junior
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Gravity Empatic Junior children's snowboard
The popular freestyle board is presented in a version even for the smallest riders. It is completely flat between bindings, so there is no risk of you slipping off the rail. The light, soft jibb board has an all-wood poplar core filled with panels of exotic wood, so the board is flexible enough and at the same time willing to bend into wild presses.

Cam-Rock - combines the best of camber and rocker in one. Cam-Rock relieves the pressure of the contact points on the toe and heel, allowing a freer ride like a rocker. Camber zones, which are situated under the binding, provide greater control when driving along the edge and a sufficiently large pop.
Twin-Tip - the essence of the shape of park boards. The same distance from the toe and heel will allow you to drive in both natural and opposite directions.
Woodcore - all Gravity snowboards are made of 100% wood core. We use quality poplar wood complemented by panels of hard, exotic wood.
Biax (0 ° / 90 °) - the most commonly used method of lamination gives the snowboard quality pop and light torsional flex. Thanks to this, the board turns easily and you will enjoy a lot of fun with it on the slopes and in the snow park.
Sidewall - 360 ° ABS sidewall protects the edge against damage, better transfers energy to the edge and dampens vibrations.
Micro Inserts - inserts are placed in a 4 × 2 cm position. Compared to conventional inserts (4 × 4 cm), they allow more precise stance settings.
Wax Base - all our snowboards are waxed at the factory and ready for immediate use.

130 135 140
Rider weight (kg) 30-50 35-55 40-60
Contact edge (cm) 97 103 107
Tip width (cm) 26 26.7 27.3
Center width (cm) 22.8 23 24
Heel width (cm) 26 26.7 27.3
Cutting (m) 7.8 8 7.3
Attitude range (cm) 33-49 36-52 38-54
Set back (mm) 0 0 0
Inserty 4x4 4x4 4x4
Hardness 3 3 3

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