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Men's sweaters Altamont

Altamont logoAltamont is a brand whose aim is to inspire and encourage other creativity and unlimited possibilities. He does this through a team of artists and athletes who, with their often rebellious and unconventional approaches to the world, open a new way of thinking and living. Each Altamont collection is such a small snipper into the world of these fearless and unique individuals.

Men's sweaters Altamont

Men's sweaters Altamont

Men's sweaters are basically an alternative to men's sweatshirts, an alternative that is warmer and worn especially in autumn and winter. Unlike hoodies, however, they are made by knitting. Sweaters do not usually have a hood (although some exceptions can be found in our eshop) and have either a round or a V neckline or a raised upper collar. Sweaters can also be zipped. At you will find long sweaters, woolen sweaters, of course knit sweaters and sweaters with various original designs. Of course there are several types of cuts and different sizes.

The way to the Altamont brand was one such rebellious project. The brand was created as a concept in October 2006. The idea of its own brand was born in the head of a pair of Justin Regan and the world-renowned skateboarder who has been driving for a long time and is still running for various other skate brands, Andrew Reynolds. "I've been traveling for Emerica and have been for years at Sole Techu, so something broke in me and I wanted to design my own clothes," says Reynolds. In 2013, the brand expanded beyond the skateboarding community from which it grew, and currently has not only a team of riders but also artists in the field of music or painting. It is part of Sole Techu.


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