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Model: ZERO
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The Nitro ZERO men's snowboard binding is medium stiff and uses 2x4 mini discs. These allow the board to spring naturally. The asymmetrical Asym Zero Highback combines freestyle flexibility with enough strength to land every trick in and out of the park. Snowboarding has never been so comfortable.


2x4 Mini disc - a small and very light disc that aims to reduce weight, better distribute the center of gravity and let the flex of your board stand out.

Air Dampening - the lightest technology absorbing hard impacts and shocks without sacrificing comfort and binding response.

3° Canted Footbed - keeps the body tilt in the ideal and most natural position for snowboarding Board Saver Technology - rounded corners of the baseplate where they meet the board. This results in better use of the flex of your board and less abrasion.

Premium Comfort Ankle Strap - ankle straps designed as an optimal compromise between response and comfort.

Speedwheel Buckles - durable and light aluminum ratchets for perfect functionality.

Cable Reinforced Connectors - the straps are reinforced with a steel cable in this model. This increases their resistance and, in the event of the tape breaking, they ensure an emergency solution to the situation.

BEST Convertible Toe Strap - Safe and comfortable fastening of all types of shoes. The front strap can be fastened over the toe and over the instep.

Easy Entry Buckles and Ratchets - "S" shaped ratchets will not get tangled under your feet when you climb into the bindings. The wide buckles in turn guarantee an easy release and quick fastening.

NITRO Binding Stiffness:
NITRO response scale: 5 /10
NITRO freedom scale: 7/10
NITRO comfort scale: 8/10

Size chart:
binding size M: 38.5 - 43.5 EUR
binding size L: 44 - 48 EUR

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