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Oakley Line Miner XM Matte Black w/Prizm Torch

Catalog number: 89562017
Model: Line Miner XM
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OAKLEY Line Miner XM snowboard or ski goggles were created with the task of offering great possibilities of peripheral vision in combination with an interesting cylindrical design. Line Miner glasses are now even closer to your face, so they fit exactly on different types of faces. The goggles also fit perfectly with most common helmets. The glasses are designed for medium-sized faces.

Prizm - technology Prizm is a revolution in glass optics, behind 15 years of development and research into the behavior of the human eye. The result is glass that provides incredible contrast and detail in a wide range of lighting conditions. A great advantage of PRIZM glasses is also their wider use in changing lighting conditions. You don't have to change them as often as with other ski goggles.

solar filter category S3
PRIZM ™ technology - a revolutionary technology that blocks unwanted colors of the solar spectrum and at the same time maximally enhances more sensitive colors for the eye
maximum contrast rendering of all important details in the field of view
easily replaceable glass
cylindrical glasses made of Plutonite® polycarbonate - high resistance for eye protection
100% UV protection
reduction of fogging of ventilated glass using Anti-Fog technology
triple facial foam with microfleece for good adhesion to the face and for maximum moisture wicking
adjustable elastic strap with internal non-slip silicone strips for greater comfort and safety
designed for larger face size
compatible not only with Oakley helmets
the package includes a fabric cover

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